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Mar 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
found. look how cute and returned to its owner. john? >> you're right archie is back safe and sound. bart says charges are pending against people who had the dog. this is archie spending time with corinne. he is a registered service dog who helps her dweel a plane crash involved in as a little girl. someone swiped archie from her side after she fell asleep on a bart train on wednesday night. today, this morning she got a text pointing to a home near the balboa bart station. police showed up and found archie confirmed it was him and there was a happy reunion at the station. >> it's a mira ke. i am overwhelmed and just so happy. >> so it's been the fact i'm so grateful to everyone to help me get him back. >> thousands of dollars training a comfort dog so it's important she get him back. charges are pending. people in the house were not the same that sent her that text this morning. bart trying to figure out what train she was on. there was a reward up to $3,000. unknown how that will be handled. >> thanks john very much. >> authorities are warning people about door knock burglaries wh
Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> california state controller john chung ruled san jose officials illegally transferred land, set aside for the ballpark. the redevelopment agency just before the government dissolves the department. >> they just have a's or city lease it back. >> during a meeting the a's owner laid out his face for the aren't team needs to move south to survive. >> our zbol hopefully to come to the one site that we have discovered, the thing that we can relocate in downtown san jose. >> the mayor defends transfer asks vows the city will secure the land for a paul bark. >> all clear tonight. golden gate park after a hand grenade was found this afternoon. >> a man using a metal detector found what appears to be an old explosive near mallard lake near martin luther king drive. it's no more and no longer a threat. >> employees are asking for help to identify a man who assaulted a woman then tried to kidnap her. police say a man that looks like this attacked a woman the man described as five 10, 200 pounds grabbed a woman ask tried to choke her, she escaped and ran to a parking lot chased by at tacker. -- a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2